What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Works Best for Pet Hair?

All the pet lovers- Can you imagine your life without pets? Of course No! After all, they are your best companions. But one thing that bothers you most if you own a pet is their hair all-around your house (including floors, sofas, couches, even on your car seats). So, removing it becomes more of a menace than a nuisance. Thankfully, we are blessed with the vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal to keep our hassle at bay. 

But what type of vacuum is best for removing pet hair and what you need to keep in mind while buying it is the biggest question. Keep reading our blog that will surely clear all your doubts while purchasing the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Removal

Since there are different types of vacuum cleaners, pet hair vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to catch pet hair and remove pet odor from your house. They come with various smart attachments, allowing you to clean not only the different floor types but also your rugs and carpets, even upholsteries too. All these smart features make them different from traditional vacuum cleaners.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

In our research, we found that upright vacuum cleaners are best for pet hair removal on a variety of surfaces. Its strong and powerful suction power allows easy cleaning of carpets as well as bare floors. Even the best models come with various attachments to capture the furs of dogs and cats from sofas, couches, car seats, etc. But since they are quite heavy, it makes cleaning of staircases a tricky job.

Canister Vacuums for Pet Hair

The canister vacuum includes a canister or container and a wand to extract the vacuum. In general, the best canister vacuums are ideal for handling pet hair since their suction is better, and they have more cleaning attachments, such as upholstery brushes and pet hair tools. What makes them best is that they ensure easy handling, are more powerful and are easy to clean as well. 

Operating them is easy as rather than moving the vacuum itself, you simply move the wand to vacuum up dirt and debris. 

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

If you think removing the hairs of your furry friend from your bed, sofa, couch, or car seat is a hassle; we would strongly recommend you go for the best handheld vacuum cleaners. The handheld model does an outstanding job of sucking up pet hair on bare floors, low and high pile carpet, as well as from the upholsteries. What makes them the best is their lightweight and compact design, so you can easily maneuver them in tight spaces too.

Stick Vacuums

Using the best stick vacuum allows you to reach spots where handhelds cannot, such as corners and edges of the floor, inside your bed, or sofas. With specific attachments, they can easily catch furs of your pets and clean the area properly. The best part is that you don’t need to kneel down for cleaning, which is the biggest benefit for those with back pain or knee pain issues. 

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

If you have busy schedules and no time for regular vacuuming your home, or even you don’t like to waste your manual effort, then the best way to remove animal fur is by owning a robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Just program it, and it will do the rest, no matter whether you are in or out of your home. It also offers the benefit of schedule cleaning. Just set the time when you need to clean your house and let the rest be done by your robot mop. 

With a smart and effective brush roll, it can easily handle the pet hair from various surfaces ranging from bare hardwood floors or shag carpeting. On the downside, these are not ideal for cleaning your car interiors, furniture, and upholsteries and are more expensive too than the normal vacuum cleaners. 

Note: Whatever type of vacuum cleaner you choose, it must come with all the accessories that effectively remove pet hair. 

What Accessories Are Important in Your Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Removal?

Motorized Brush Head

Motorized Brush Head

Sometimes also known as power nozzles, these large attachments come with a rotating brush to pull hair out of the carpeted areas. You also have the option to turn off the rotation, so you can use it on bare floors for removing pet hair.

Power or Turbo Brush

Power Brush

Many vacuum cleaners come with a turbo brush that provides extra power to suck off all the hair from the surfaces. They help in sucking up the hair right to the vacuum bag or canister without sticking in the hose along the way. Plus, having a compact size and rotating bristles, you can easily use them on stairs and are also good for deep cleaning of mattresses, upholstery, and car interiors.

Bare Floor Brush

Bare Floor Brush

Featuring short and stiff bristles, the bare floor dusting brush is best for removing dust, dirt, and pet hair from all types of floors ranging from hardwood to tile. 

Crevice tool

Crevice Tool

Cleaning tight spots and corners is too easy using the crevice tool, which features narrow nozzles. You can use it to clean the hard-to-reach areas like under the bed or furniture, between sofa cushions, and much more. 

Upholstery Brush

Upholstery Brush

The upholstery tool includes a small flat head, that along with powerful suction, helps in removing debris, dirt, and pet hair from upholsteries like sofas, chairs, mattresses, and cushions.

Telescopic or Extension Wand 

Extension Wand

To give extension to your reach, the telescopic or extension wand is an extremely helpful tool in a vacuum cleaner. It allows you to clean the hard-to-reach spots, including corners, or buried deep behind appliances, or from the ceilings. 

What Are the Important Factors to Consider in Finding the Right Type of Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Removal?

1. Is your Vacuum Powerful Enough to remove pet hair or stubborn dirt and debris?

Having strong suction power in pet vacuums is very important to pick up the most stubborn pet hair from floors, carpet fibers, or upholsteries. In general, you may opt for the model having suction power ranging from 1200 W to 2000 W depending on your needs.

2. Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Easy to Handle?

A heavy and bulky model is tougher to handle the job of removing pet hair. Better to opt for the lightweight model with a slimmer design with additional features like hoses and far-reaching attachments. It will make easy movement of the appliance for sure. 

3. Does it Have Extra Tools and Attachments?

As we have discussed above, if removing pet hair is your primary concern using your vacuum cleaner, make sure it includes all the extra attachments, tools, and brushes to eliminate fur from all types of surfaces.

4. What’s your preference- Cord or Cordless?

You have the option for both corded (plug-in) and cordless models for pet vacuum cleaners.

No doubt, the corded vacuum cleaners are more efficient and offer deeper cleaning. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about running out of power. But they are a bit heavier, and you need a power outlet to operate them.

On the other hand, cordless vacuums don’t have the same level of power as the corded ones, but they do a great job in removing pet hair with the right accessories. On the plus side, they are lighter and easy to move around and are best to trap the hair from hard-to-reach areas. The best part is that you don’t need to deal with the messy cords. 

5. Does it offer enough Run Time? 

One most important thing you need to keep in mind while using a cordless model is how long the battery will last for each cleaning session, especially if you are covering the larger area. Make sure that the model you are using must offer a run time of 45-60 minutes on the standard-setting. For maximum, the model with 15-20 minutes battery life is quite good. Not only the run time, but charging time also matters. Most of the models can take around 2 hours to 3 hours to get back to full power. 

6. Is it a Bag or a Bagless Model?

Bagged models are from the years that come with a bag where all the furs and dust are accumulated. The bags are removable, and you need to remove them to empty the accumulated dirt. 

On the other hand, the bagless models are much more convenient and keep the suction of vacuum more powerful. Here, the dirt and furs are filtered first and then stored in a dust cup inside the vacuum cleaner and should be emptied when full. The best part of bagless vacuum cleaners is that they enable you to easily and quickly get rid of the pet hair with minimum mess and fuss. 

Tip: If your pet sheds a lot of furs, you should purchase a bag-type vacuum cleaner as it can hold more dirt.

7. Can it be able to Control Allergens?

The latest vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal come with advanced filtration technology that blocks the majority of particles that a vacuum sucks up, including pet hair. Some come with washable filters, and the advanced ones include the HEPA filter that is very effective in preventing the particles of dust or pet hair from escaping out of the vacuum cleaner. So, if you are the one allergic to dust or pet furs, you may surely opt for the one featuring these high-efficiency filters. All in all, HEPA filters are an important contributor in improving your indoor air quality.

8. How Much Maintenance is Required?

It’s very important to keep your vacuum in good shape to retain its efficiency and performance if you are using it on a regular basis. Maintenance of your vacuum cleaner is not a big deal; just follow some important points:

  • Empty the dust canister before and after each vacuuming session.
  • If you are using a canister or upright vacuum cleaner, it is very important to replace the disposable dust bag at regular intervals. Some smart models also come with an indicator light notifying you when to replace the bag.
  • If there are washable filters in your vacuum cleaner, ensure to wash it once a month. And if it is featured with a HEPA filter, replace it twice a year.
  • Make sure the vacuum belt is not worn out; check it at regular intervals.
  • Brushrolls will collect pet fur, hair, threads, and other debris and will need to be cleaned after each use.
  • For cleaning the outside of the vacuum, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the dust off.
  • Wipe down the hose and clear out any dirt clogs. 
  • Check out the power cord for any signs of wear and tear. If found, then replace it with the new one before using it again. 

Major Brands for Pet Vacuums

If you are in search of the best and specialized pet vacuums, we recommend you to go for the top brands, including Dyson, Eureka Forbes, Philips, Bissell, and Shark, etc. For robotic vacuum, the best brands are Roborock, iRobot, Ecovacs Deebot, iLife, etc. 

What makes them special is their stronger suction and allergy filter feature that avoids releasing irritants into the air. They also offer the best cleaning power with all the smart tools and accessories for removing pet hair, thus making your cleaning job easy.

Vacuums for Pet Hair Pricing

INR 2000 to INR 7000: These vacuums are generally small handheld models with limited features. For quick clean-up of smaller areas, these are best to invest in.

Between INR 7000 to INR 25000: The pet vacuums that fall in this price range are pretty much good for medium to larger clean-up tasks. Several quality vacuums within this price range are available, ranging from uprights to robotic vacuums. You can choose depending on your budget and the features you want.

INR 25000 and More: When the price range increases, you definitely will get some more hi-tech features and functionalities in your vacuum cleaner. Well, the pet vacuums in this price range are ideal because they’re loaded with useful tools, high-tech functionalities, and special smart technologies.

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