The Essential Attachments and Accessories of Vacuum Cleaner

Gone are the days when people used to clean houses using brooms and cloth mops. Now, in metro cities, vacuum cleaners have replaced the old cleaning methods. But, a vacuum cleaner only is not sufficient enough to give the best results. In fact,  various attachments and accessories make it more versatile and useful. And so, there are numerous advanced extra attachments out there in the market that make hectic cleaning tasks easy and interesting.

These attachments are used for different cleaning purposes and a better cleaning experience. So let’s pay attention to know the essential extensions and their utilities in detail.

First of all, let’s know the common vacuum cleaner attachments that most of the model comes with.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments and Accessories

1. Crevice Tool

This is a tubular attachment that has narrow nozzles to reach tight areas. In such places where you can’t reach by your hand, a crevice tool can reach. It picks up even minute particles of dirt and dust from the room and cleans the edges proficiently. 

It is helpful when cleaning along baseboards, carpet corners, vents or radiators, under the stove, sofa and cushion, etc. You can also use a crevice tool for cleaning refrigerator coils.

Most manufacturers offer variants of this tool, for example, 2 in 1 Crevice brush or extended crevice tool.

2. Upholstery Tool

As the name indicates, you can use this attachment to clean upholstery.  It has a small, flat head and great suction feature. Moreover, the Upholstery Vacuum Tool has a lint-catching cloth stripe ideal for dust off sofas, cushions, chairs, couches, mattresses, curtains, etc.

3. Dusting Brush

A dusting brush features a circular brush head with soft bristles. The best part is it provides an easygoing cleaning to delicate surfaces without any scratching. Thus, it can help clean silk plants, canopy, blinds, baseboards, and other fragile surfaces. What’s more, it also helps out with wooden surfaces, window screens, lampshades, knick-knacks, etc.

4. Extension Wand

This gives addition to the wand as it adds a few inches more to the vertical hose. The extension wand lets you reach high ceilings easier. You don’t require ladder or countertop scaling while dusting door frames, light fixtures, or even fan blades. 

This attachment would be best in use to retrieve lightweight items stuck between couch cushions.

5. Carpet Tool

Vacuuming your carpet is a good way to remove embedded dust and dirt from it but without proper vacuum attachment you will not get the desired results. Therefore, a carpet tool is another attachment that is used to clean carpet, rugs, or mats. This tool is a fortunate thing from small-sized to king-sized carpets, exclusive rugs, or even fancy rugs. In addition, it gives you an easy cleaning experience if you have carpeted floors or hardwood floors.

6. Bare Floor Brush

For an easy floor cleaning experience, a bare floor brush is an additional attachment with a vacuum cleaner particularly made for floors that cleanses the tiny dust particles from the surface and keeps it hygienic and spotless.

Over and above, there are a few more unique attachments you will need to purchase separately to tackle tricky jobs. Such as, you can’t clean a high spot without a ladder, but a fan blade duster does. Similarly, a multi-angle brush also helps clean around the nooks of car door compartments or light fixtures. A parquet brush cleanses the wooden floor without leaving a scratch on the floor. To make the best of your vacuum cleaner, expand its utilities with additional attachments. 

Carry on reading for additional vacuum cleaner attachments with their pro cleaning tips.

Power or Turbo Brush

This is a small and compact size tool that has rotating bristles like a canister’s motorized brush. It has its own built-in motor that helps in maximum suction. You can use this power brush for deep-cleaning mattresses, upholstery, or car interiors. Most have rubber or nylon bristles to grab dust better from the surface. These are good for removing pet hair stuck to the mattress or sofa.

Mattress Attachment

Cleaning your mattress with vacuum also require proper attachment. The Accessory Kit for Vacuum Cleaners contains mattress attachments to remove more dust, excess lint, and allergens from the surface. Some have a soft brush, textured pads, unique shapes, or extra width to clean sticky dust or stain on the mattress.

Fan Blade Duster

Ceiling Fan grabs a lot of dust and cleaning it manually is quite a hassle. Thankfully, the duster attachment in your vacuum makes cleaning of the fan blades a lot easier and hassle-free. You just need to fix this attachment to the vacuum wand so that it can easily reach the blades. Once you turn on the vacuum, it starts brushing the blades (on top and bottom) and the dust released by it is suctioned by the hose. 

Blind Attachments

Nowadays, window blinds (window coverings) are popular decorative options for most homes and offices. No doubt, it looks beautiful, but the inclusion of long vertical and horizontal slats in it tend to accumulate dirt and dust. So, what about its dusting and cleaning? The blind attachments in a vacuum cleaner is a life saver here.

This attachment comes in a slotted design to easily reach between the several blind slats at a time. You just need to attach it to your vacuum wand and it will clean both sides of the blind slat at once and the vacuum suction takes the dirt away.

Pet Groomers

For every pet owner, having a vacuum with pet hair removal attachment is as much important; afterall it’s a matter of maintaining hygiene. And you can’t clean the furs by using brooms and dusters only. 

No matter how much you love your pet; you can’t control their hair shedding. Though using pet hair specific vacuums is the best solution; some also come with pet grooming attachments making it more efficient. 

The pet groomer attachment allows you to brush your animal’s coat and it picks up loose hair and dirt in the fur, so they will shed less. As a result the furs don’t stick to your sofa, mattresses, or even on the floor Thus, cleaning will become much easier than before. 

Multi-Angle Brush

Like the name, the multi-angle brush is easily twisted in multiple angles to remove dust, dirt, and allergens from hard-to-reach areas. This brush includes a curved tube and a revolving head that gives it the flexibility to clean  corners of the light fixtures, sliding cabinets, exclusive crown molding, baseboards, car-door compartments, and more.

Car Cleaning Nozzle

These are wedge-shaped tools, usually a 4-inch wide nozzle, suitable for wet-dry vacuum. This nozzle helps in capturing the tiniest dirt from the surface. It is a perfect vacuum attachment that provides great suction and makes dusting hassle-free by cleaning carpeted car mats or seats.

Drain Unclogger

Are you the one who goes through clogged drains once in a while? If yes, then the attachment for drain unclogging in your vacuum will let you do it with ease. It is actually a rubber suction cup that helps you better clean blockage only after you fix this cup to a wet-dry vacuum. 

All you need to add it at the ends of a 1.25 or 2.5 inches hose. The vacuum will pull up dirty slime or ornaments from a bathtub drain, or a kitchen sink. Commercial vacuum cleaners also have a drain unclogger feature to retrieve things from gutters.

Computer Cleaner

Who likes messy or dirty workspace? Surely no one!! Traditional dusting is not enough to make keyboards clean and dirt-free. Thanks to computer cleaner attachments, that will do the job of the computer and its part cleaning; very well. Apart from cleaning laptops or PCs, you can also try cleaning sewing machine interiors.  

Parquet Brush

Now it is not too difficult to polish the wooden or tiled floors. You can make it in tip-top condition with a horsehair brush, also called a parquet brush. It sweeps so gently with its soft bristles without compromising on cleaning power. Moreover, the tiled floor looks glossy and scratch-free for years.

Stair Cleaner

There are numerous stair cleaner attachments in which a few of them have a broad and supportive hole at the end of an extensive hose. It mainly works with standing vacuums, so you need not to carry the vacuum cleaner here and there from the bottom of the stairs.

In addition, using power brush extensions makes stair cleaning tasks more accessible and more relaxing.

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