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Who we are

Good Housery is a unique home improvement destination covering advice and reviews on every aspect of home living. Whether you’re looking for a new floor, planning a kitchen, Good Housery covers tips and reviews about all aspects of home living and is a unique home improvement destination on the Internet. We will ensure your home is healthy, clean, and beautiful, whether it’s a new floor, kitchen remodeling, or bathroom renovation. It is our goal to help you maintain all aspects of your home smoothly, from the inside out.

We keep an eye on the latest household products released in the market and bring them to our readers.

A team of experts

Our team of experts provide high quality content with no strings attached. From interior design to carpentry, we’ve got all the bases covered. With years of experience in remodeling, repairing and maintaining homes, our writers are true professionals from the industry. 

How we review

For physical products, Mostly we buy and then review products with the help of our expert and research team. Sometimes we get a product as a free unit to review for our readers, but this doesn’t influence our review process. We always disclose such reviews for transparency purposes.

Our review process includes extensive research and product testing. We may also receive a small affiliate commission if you purchase a product through the link we put on our article. But this doesn’t affect our recommendation and testing.

We also keep updating the article with latest and updated information for our readers, this ensures that our readers get fresh and accurate information.

Meet our team

Sanjay Ojha - Founder of Good Housery
Sanjay Ojha
Founder of Good Housery

Sanjay Ojha is founder and managing director of Good Housery, the leading digital media publication of home renovation, cleaning and remodeling. He has spent most of his time helping renowned contractors and experts from the home industry. These experts have vast experience of home renovation, carpentry, repairing and maintenance.

Currently, Sanjay is involved with multiple digital media publications. His passion lies in mixing technology and home to create a better future home for the next generation. Because it’s all about the people who live in the home, his mission is to keep their home in the best possible shape.

Rohan Srivastava, Home Improvement Expert
Rohan Srivastava
Home Improvement Expert

Rohan Srivastava is a contractor with over 10 years of experience. The first company he worked for was High motel, a house renovation company. Later, he worked for Primus home cleaning solutions.

Rohan is extremely knowledgeable of the products and equipment that are commonly used in home remodeling, repair, maintenance, and cleaning. His role is primarily to provide our editorial and writing teams with primary and accurate information. Furthermore, he works with the management team to share ideas that can benefit Good Housery’s readers.

Richa Mishra, Home Interior Expert
Richa Mishra
Home Interior Expert

Richa is the lead editor at Good Hosuery. She has worked with companies like NDTV tech and Home Town to cover up articles related to home interior and maintenance. 

She collaborates with the Good Housery team in determining the topic by doing extensive research on what’s current in the market. In addition to giving writers advice, she helps them create high-quality content for our readers. Additionally, she checks the articles for accuracy and makes sure they’re error-free before they come out.

Saloni Singh, Home Renovation Expert
Saloni Singh
Home Renovation Expert

Saloni is editor and writer with extensive experience in home improvement, repair and remodeling. In addition to her articles in print and digital publications, she has contributed to a number of websites.

She also runs her own blog where she shares her passion of using various new technologies like IOT, AI and advanced gadgets to make home living a pleasant experience for everyone. Currently, she writes frequently for Good Housery on topics like remodeling and maintaining homes. 

Richa Pandey, Home Cleaning Expert
Richa Pandey
Home Cleaning Expert

Richa Pandey is subject matter expert on cleaning home, interior designing and furniture styling. It has been her motivation to write on these subjects since 2015, and her work has been featured in numerous leading digital publications.

She is full time writer at Good Housery and takes care of other new writers as well. She writes on house renovation, cleaning, and maintaining. Richa helps the team to do proper research on product review and recommendation prior to publishing.

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