Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems and How to Fix them?

Have you ever had problems with your vacuum cleaner? Chances are, you have. So it is very important to know some ways to fix the common vacuum cleaner problems on your own.

Vacuums are an essential part of living in a clean and healthy environment. It is for sure that most of us rely on it for regular cleaning of our house and at some point breaking down of it is obvious. So what do you do? It is quite common that you may call for a technician to fix it. But there are some common vacuum cleaner problems that you can fix on your own. Yes! It saves you from the expensive repairs down the line.

In this blog post, we will help you troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner in easy steps and what you need to do to get your vacuum cleaner back to good working condition.

The first step to fixing a vacuum is learning what is wrong with it and why. So, let us discuss more on it.

1.  Is Your Vacuum Not Starting?

The frustration you experience when your vacuum cleaner refuses to start when you want to clean the house can be quite annoying. You don’t need to do so, stay calm and try to figure out what actually the problem is? 

  • Check once if it is properly plugged in or not in the power outlet? Maybe, a loose connection prevents it from starting. If you are using a robot vacuum cleaner, check if the batteries are charged and connected correctly or not?
  •  If still, it is not starting, maybe the PCB (Electronic Control Board) of the appliance has burnt out. In this case, you may need to replace the PCB.
  • Sometimes the malfunction occurs when the vacuum motors have burned out, again causing an issue in starting your vacuum cleaner. In such a situation, try turning the motor shaft manually to ensure there are no blockages. If the motor turns on but doesn’t work, it means it needs a replacement. You can replace it on your own or take help from a professional technician. 

2. Are you experiencing Lack of Suction in Your Vacuum Cleaner?

Is your vacuum cleaner not efficient enough to pull up dirt and dust? It is one of the most common issues that the majority of vacuum owners face. It is surely because of the loss of suction. There are various reasons why your vacuum cleaner may have poor suction:

  • Sometimes lack of suction is due to when the dust bag is full. Though the latest vacuum cleaners come with larger dust bags, filling out of them is normal. If you feel so, just detach the dust bag and empty it. Sometimes, you also need to replace the dust bag if it gets damaged. It is better to buy some extra bags with you so that you can use them whenever required. This will surely bring back the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. 
  • A blocked air filter, brush roll, and hose can also be the reason for low suction. The reason for clogging is the collection of dust and dirt particles and human & pet hair. Simply, you just need to clean the dirty filter, brush roll, and hose to prevent the low suction force in your vacuum. Filter replacement is also essential from time to time. 
  • Sometimes the faulty dust cup assembly may also be the reason for the lack of suction. Fit it properly and tightly to let your vacuum work effectively. Occasionally, the dust cup may crack or break; in this case, you should replace it immediately. 
  • If a vacuum cleaner is not exhibiting the suction and cannot clean the dust, the other cause for this is an issue with the blower wheel. It gets clogged due to dust and other particles. In such a case, you may try to rotate the wheel manually and check for any obstructions. 

3. Is your Vacuum Making Noise and Vibrate?

A minimum noise is common in a vacuum cleaner while in operation. But the extra noise is not tolerable and affects your cleaning session. There are several reasons for this: 

  • The most common reason for this is the blockage in the motor area due to dust, dirt, and hair. This, in result, may cause breakage of the motor fan, creating noise when you operate it. To fix this issue, you may need to replace the broken fans, as they can’t get repaired.
  • Sometimes, this problem occurs due to the broken vacuum belt also, or if they are no longer functional or got weakened. Even if they are not correctly attached, they start making some weird noise while you are using the vacuum. You can fix the belt issue by yourself or replace the belt if needed.
  • Some vacuum cleaner brushes make noise, indicating that the brush roller is broken. In such a case, you need to replace the brush roller assembly to make your vacuum work smoothly and quietly.
  • Air leakage may also be one of the reasons for your vacuum to become noisy. It can be fixed by finding the spot that leaks air and then replacing it. Sealing the affected area is another good option.

4. Is there any foul smell coming out of your Vacuum?

 Vacuuming is used to freshen up your house by thoroughly cleaning it. But why does the bad smell come out from it? Maybe, you are not cleaning and maintaining your vacuum properly. 

Your vacuum will smell when it picks up odorous contents such as urine or pet waste, contaminated food, excess dust, or any other material that may cause mold or bacteria to grow inside the appliance. As a result, when you use it, this odor escapes into the air, making it smell bad. 

The only way to get rid of this bad smell issue is to clean the appliance’s interior thoroughly after each use. Also, clean or replace the vacuum filter from time to time. Empty the contents from the dust canister or bag after each use. You can also use soapy water or baking soda solution to clean the interiors that will prevent the foul smell coming out of it. 

5. Is the Rotating Brush not Spinning?

Again, this issue is related to the vacuum belt. It can sometimes be caused by a broken belt, a misaligned belt, or a belt that is overstretched. If you face this issue, it is very important to check whether the drive belt or cogged belt is in good working condition or not. If any of them is broken, you need to replace them to get optimal performance from your vacuum. 

Sometimes, the spinning of the brush is also affected by the jammed brush roll. For fixing this, you need to pull out the brush roll from the appliance and clean it properly. If in case the brush roll assembly is broken or gets cracked, replace it. 

6. Is your Vacuum Blowing Dusty Air?

The only reason for this issue is that the dust canister is full, and there is no room to store the dust. You can resolve this only by emptying the dust container. If still, the issue doesn’t get fixed, it means you need to change the vacuum filter. Well, most of the models come with washable filters reducing your hassle. 

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  1. It’s great that you talked about how vacuums are an important part of living in a clean and healthy environment. We have an old vacuum cleaner and I don’t think DIY would be able to fix it. So, I am thinking of asking for a professional Oreck vacuum repair service instead.

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