The 5 Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair 2023

Although having a furry family member around can be a lot of fun, it also comes with big responsibilities. As cute as they are, their fur is a major pain to clean up. Pet hair and dander can spread, leading to serious allergy symptoms. Ugh! But, it gets worse. Pet hair can also become embedded in the carpet and cause mold, mildew, and odors. 

While vacuuming is a great start, it’s not enough—you need to invest in the best robot vacuums for pet hair. But, how do you find the right one, as all robot vacuums are not the same? 

To make your buying decision easier, we have rounded up the top-rated models from the best brands specially meant to deal with pet furs.

Let’s find out what are the best robot vacuums for pet hair;

1. ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

(Best Overall)

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Robot Vacuum

The top on our list is a model from Ecovacs, a multi-specialty robot vacuum with many advanced features. It combines artificial intelligence and advanced laser-based navigation to deep clean your house without leaving any dirt behind. Plus, the unique combination of vacuuming and mopping at the same time gives your house floors a flawless shine. Above all, its three-plus hours of runtime is ideally perfect for intense and deep cleaning of any size house.


  • Dimension and Weight: 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.7 inches; 6.7 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Run Time: 3+ hours
  • Dustbin Capacity: 430 ml
  • Water Tank Capacity: 240 ml
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Package Includes: Robot Vacuum, Charging Dock, four side brushes, micro-filters, washable mops, disposable mops, and instruction manual. 

Key Features

  • The bot is equipped with Smart Navi 3.0 laser mapping and navigation technology that creates a precise map of your house floors for a systematic and efficient cleaning path.
  • Its multi-floor mapping feature allows the unit to scan and store multiple maps of different levels of your home. Thus, it is easier for the robot to customize its cleaning by identifying which map it is working on. 
  • The powerful suction, along with 430 ml large dirt bin and 230 ml adjustable water tank of the device, allows simultaneous vacuuming and mopping of the whole house in one go.
  • It also has a carpet detection feature that doubles up its suction power while vacuuming carpets and avoids mopping on them.
  • The device’s slim profile (with 93 mm height only) allows it to slide under furniture or other tight spots smoothly without getting stuck.
  • The smart Ecovacs Home App connectivity lets you control your device from anywhere and anytime. You can schedule a clean or monitor your current cleaning status even when you are away from your home. 
  • You don’t need to worry about charging your robot. When its battery gets low, it automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge itself and resumes cleaning when charging is done. 
  • To provide you a convenient hands-off control, the model is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, so you can control it using your voice command. 


  • Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stair-safety technology and anti-collision sensors
  • Decent suction power to suck up dirt, debris, and pet hair
  • Long run time of 3 plus hours
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with smart devices


  • Long charging time
  • Expensive
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2. iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO (3550) Robot Vacuum 

(Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair with Automatic Dirt Disposal)

iRobot Roomba i3 Plus Robot Vacuum

The next on our list of best robot vacuums for pet hair is the model i3+ from iRobot. It will be your best investment if you are searching for a unit with good suction power and an intelligent navigation system. 

The self-emptying feature of iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO (3550) makes it more convenient as it keeps you away from the hassle of emptying its dirt compartment manually. Plus, there are more sophisticated features that are likely hard to find at such a price tag.


  • Dimension and Weight: 13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches; 14.96 Pounds
  • Color: Woven Cool Grey
  • Filter Type: HEPA 
  • Run Time: Up to 90 min
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Package Includes: The main unit, Charging station, charging cable, 2x HEPA filter, 2x Side brush, Multi-surface rubber brush rolls, and User guide.

Key Features

  • The robot features smart straight-line navigation that uses floor-tracking sensors to clean specifically and logically in neat rows.
  • Its low-profile design allows the robot to slide easily under furniture like couches and chairs without getting stuck.
  • With its smart Reactive Sensor technology, it knows where it can and cannot reach, so it’s less likely to get stuck on furniture or in tight spaces.
  • Another best feature is the inclusion of dual multi-surface rubber brushes that don’t get tangled with pet hair, so it’s easy to clean pet fur from your floors and low-pile carpets. Even more, its high-efficiency filter traps 99% of cat and dog dander allergens, so it’s a great vacuum for allergy sufferers too. 
  • The robot also has a unique patented Dirt Detect technology that allows the unit to sense the dirtiest spots in your home and then clean those areas more thoroughly. 
  • The Clean Base charging base station of the bot doubles up as a dirt collection chamber for the bot. What’s more, is the self-emptying feature that allows the unit to empty the debris from its internal dustbin into an external dirt compartment attached to its charging dock.
  • It is supported by the iRobot Home app (for Android and iOS) that allows you to operate the device from anywhere. 
  • It also has excellent automation features that make the vacuum return to its docking station when the battery gets low and resume cleaning once fully charged.
  • The iRobot i3+ is compatible with Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing you to control it using voice commands. 


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Automatic dirt disposal
  • Decent suction power to catch almost all dirt, debris, and pet hair
  • Supports schedule cleaning


  • Odd navigation
  • Noisy operation
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3. ILIFE V7s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

 (Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair)

iLife V7S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

 If you want an efficient robotic vacuum cleaner to clean up after your pets but don’t want to spend much, then the model V7s from iLife is the best to invest in. It includes both vacuum and mopping functions which is a decent feature for such an affordable price. Additionally, it has an anti-tangle suction mouth that helps remove pet hair with ease without tangling.


  • Dimension and Weight: 13.39 x 13.39 x 3.54 inches; 12.98 Pounds
  • Color: Rose Pink
  • Water Tank Capacity: 450 ml
  • Dirt Bin Capacity: 500 ml
  • Run Time: Up to 120 min
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Package Includes: Robot Vacuum, Charging dock, Remote control, Power Adapter, Extra Side Brush, High-performance filter, Mop cloth, and User Manual.

Key Features

  • With the suction power of 600 Pa, iLife V7s creates a constant airflow to capture dirt and debris very effectively. Moreover, the mopping function keeps carpets and floors stain-free.
  • It also features a unique i-dropping technology that sprinkles water on the floor for wet mopping.
  • The model comes with a Double-V brush roll which performs efficiently on both bare floors and low-pile carpets.
  • There is a simple on/off button on the robot for easy operation. However, you need to use the remote control to access features like scheduling and cleaning modes.
  • It is also equipped with a range of sensors for fully autonomous operation. These include a cliff detection sensor to avoid stairs, an anti-collision sensor to avoid bumping into obstacles, etc. 


  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Two-stage high-efficiency filtration 
  • Self-charging
  • Low noise operation
  • Inexpensive


  • Random navigation miss some spots
  • Lacks voice control and app compatibility
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4. Wyze Robot Vacuum Home Cleaner

(Best High Performing Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair)

Wyze Robot Vacuum

Get a smart home cleaning experience by investing in this high-performing robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair from the brand Wyze. The model excels at everything from cleaning power to overall design to floor mapping and cleaning efficiency. Thus, it is a great buy for any family with kids and pets. 


  • Dimension and Weight: 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.7 inches; 7.2 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Dirt bin Capacity: 0.21 L
  • Run Time: Up to 110 Min
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Package Includes: Robot Vacuum, Charging Dock, Power Adapter, 2 HEPA Filter, 2 Side Brushes, Instruction Manual. 

Key Features

  • It is equipped with the advanced LIDAR navigation system that creates a map of your home and cleans in an organized pattern. 
  • With 2100 Pa suction power, it works quickly and effectively in collecting debris and pet hair from floors and carpeting. 
  • It offers three suction level settings, including Quiet, Standard, and Strong, that allow you to adjust the desired strength depending upon your cleaning needs. 
  • The companion app (for iOS and Android) offers excellent automation features. It allows you to label each room and select the one which you want to get cleaned. You can also create virtual walls to avoid certain areas for your robot.
  • It can easily cross up to 0.8 inches; therefore, transitioning from hard floor to carpet is not an issue. 


  • Great build quality
  • Advanced navigation system 
  • Supports app control, area cleaning, scheduling, and virtual walls
  • Powerful suction with three levels of controls 
  • Impressive cleaning performance


  • No special cleaning modes
  • Small dirt compartment needs frequent emptying
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5. Eufy by Anker G30 Hybrid Robotic Vacuum and Mop

(Best Robot Vacuum and Mop for Pet Hair)

Eufy Anker G30 Robot Vacuum

With both vacuuming and mopping functions in the same unit, this robot vacuum is smart enough to collect fine dust, larger debris, and pet hair very well and even cleans the spots and stains efficiently. As a bonus, its slim design with a height of 2.85 inches only, it can easily glide under low furniture and other tight spaces.


  • Dimension and Weight: 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Run Time: Up To 110 Min
  • Dirt Bin Capacity: 450 ml
  • Water Tank Capacity: 130 ml
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Package Includes: Robot Vacuum, Charging Base, AC power adapter, two side brushes, two filters, owner’s manual, a quick start guide, a set of five cable ties, and 6.6 feet of adhesive boundary strips. 

Key Features

  • Featuring smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, the model navigates faster and better with logical route planning, so there are no chances of missing a spot.
  • It comes with physical boundary strips to restrict its route from certain areas.
  • The vacuum is equipped with nine built-in infrared sensors, and the combination of drop-sensing technology prevents it from falling off from the edges.
  • The powerful 2000 Pa suction ensures all types of debris is picked effectively from different surfaces.
  • There are four suction options to choose from- Standard, Turbo, Max, and BoostIQ that you can select depending on the level of dirt present on the floor. At BoostIQ, it automatically increases its suction when it moves over carpets or heavily soiled areas. 
  • It is compatible with Eufy Home App making the robot easy to control . It allows you to select the cleaning mode and suction level, set a cleaning schedule, and view your cleaning history. 
  • The app also offers integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to control the bot.


  • Two in one with vacuuming and mopping functions both
  • Best for hardwood, tile, laminate floors, and low- to medium-pile carpets
  • Auto Charging
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to set up and maintain


  • It takes a long time to recharge the battery.
  • Not ideal for cleaning the toughest stains and spots on the floors
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