10 Smart Vacuuming Hacks You Must Know | Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Out of Your Vacuum

If you own a best vacuum cleaner, you’ve no doubt discovered that vacuuming is an excellent time-saver. From picking up that little bit of loose dirt and grimes to removing pet hair, vacuuming is the ultimate all-purpose tool that you should take full advantage of. But what if we tell you that you can make it even better and easier. Yes! there are some basic tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.

We have gathered here a set of smart vacuuming hacks that will make your cleaning sessions more productive and efficient.

Here We Go!

1. Cleaning Tight Spots with Your Vacuum

Cardboard Roll Smart Vacuuming Hack

Using the crevice tool in your vacuum is considered best for cleaning tight spots, but what if we tell you that you can do it more efficiently. Yes! Our first smart vacuuming hack is using a cardboard roll or empty paper towel tube into the vacuum’s hose. It will let you get sparkling clean crevices, window tracks, or door and window frames. 

2. Clean the Embedded Dust from Your Keyboard

Smart Vacuuming Hack Squeegee Bottle Cap

The same as a cardboard roll hack, you can use a squeeze bottle cap at the end of the hose. It will let you easily vacuum up some crumbs or dust in crevices or in between the keys. 

3. Clean Cracks on your Floor

Wooden Floor Cracks

This is again simply done using a squeeze bottle cap at the end of the vacuum’s hose. Cracks on the floor are generally accumulated with a lot of dirt and dust, and cleaning them using only a broom or mop is very difficult. This hack is especially helpful in getting deep into those cracks and getting rid of dirt and dust. For long-lasting results, make sure to seal the gaps asap.

4. Find out Your Lost Earrings or Other Tiny Objects

Lost Earring Vacuum Hack

Have you ever faced a problem finding your small earrings on your house carpets or floor? It’s too irritating. But believe me, this smart vacuuming hack will save you a lot of time and effort in finding your precious piece of jewelry.

Grab any nylon tights or stockings and cover your vacuum hose with it. Now turn on your vacuum and run it over the floor or carpet. The suction will help you find the lost piece, and the best part is that the covered stocking will prevent the object from being sucked up in the machine. As easy as it sounds…..

5. Clean and Deodorize your Carpets and Rugs

Baking Soda Hack

Rugs and carpets tend to absorb dirt and odor more easily, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Therefore, cleaning your rugs and carpets at regular intervals is very essential to maintain hygiene and freshness. Here is another best vacuuming hack you will surely love to do.

Sprinkle some baking soda on every part of the carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Now use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all that baking soda on the carpet. It will leave a fresh smell and also clean up the dirt and debris from it.

6. Deodorize Your Home

A fresh-smelling home gives you the best positive feeling. But how to do so? Regular floor mopping method is not sufficient enough to achieve the desired results. But with this smart vacuuming hack, you can deodorize your home simply without putting in much effort. 

Peel some lemon or oranges and put the zest of it in your vacuum cleaner’s bag or canister. When you vacuum your house, the machine will release the sweet smells of lemon or orange while you vacuum, making your home smell fresh and nice. As an alternative to lemon or orange zest, you can also use some cinnamon or a few drops of essential oil too.  

7. Use Dryer Sheet for Extra Freshness

Dryer Sheet Vacuum Cleaner Hack

So, after home deodorization, what if you have a smelly vacuum? This simple hack will let you get rid of the problem with ease. While changing your vacuum bag, place a dryer sheet in the hole where the bag is attached to the vacuum. This will give you a nice and fresh smell every time you use your vacuum to clean the house. 

8. Fix Furniture Dents on Your Carpet

Furniture Dent Ice Cube Hack

Leaving heavy furniture (like sofas, dining tables, etc.) for too long can leave marks on rugs and carpets. And this is so annoying, even though I hate this. Try this hack to fix furniture dents from your rugs and carpets easily. 

Place some ice cubes on the dents and let them melt completely. As the ice melts, the water will slowly revive the fibers. Now, allow the area to dry completely; after that, vacuum the area. You will find the dent has gone. 

9. Save Your Rug and Vacuum Both With This Hack

Vacuuming Fringes

Fringes are the skeleton of the rugs or carpets; if damaged could ruin the whole carpet. So, while vacuuming them, you need to pay proper attention. The best trick while vacuuming your rug is to vacuum towards the end of the fringe. This will avoid the pressure of the vacuum sucking in the fringes, thus saving your rug and vacuum cleaner both from getting damaged. 

10. Dehair the Vacuum Roller With a Seam Ripper

Seam Ripper Vacuum Hack

Cleaning and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner is very much important to retain its efficiency. Stucking of hair in the vacuum’s roller is one of the most common issues that affect the machine’s performance and cleaning efficiency. So, here we have another best hack to get rid of the issue.

Use a seam ripper to pull up the strings and strands of hair that are likely caught around the roller brush of your vacuum cleaner- Absolutely a worth cleaning tip!

Other Smart Tips That Will Make Vacuuming a Million Times Better

  • Place doormats at every doorstep to avoid dust entering your home.
  • Brush your pets or use pet hair vacuum to cut down on indoor shredding.
  • Vacuum small messes immediately to avoid spreading them to the entire house. 
  • Remove the small objects from the floor before vacuuming.
  • Be gentle while vacuuming rugs or carpets and choose the right setting for the job.
  • Choose the right accessory for every cleaning job.
  • Keep your vacuum clean to get the best performance.
  • Use the right type of vacuum cleaner as all vacuums are not created equal. 
  • Replace vacuum bags periodically or empty the dust bag when it gets full. 

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