The 7 Innovative and Smart Features of a Vacuum You Must Not Overlook

An intelligent vacuum cleaner will take care of the mess you make around the house, significantly reducing cleaning time and fatigue. But what makes a vacuum cleaner good? Surely, its features! Since there are numerous specialties in each type of vacuum, here we have listed the seven smart features of a vacuum that you must not overlook to get the cleaning smarter and faster.

1. Filtration System

HEPA Filter

All vacuums have some form of filtration system that prevents dust from being released back into the environment. Most of the vacuum cleaners (especially traditional ones) use microfiber bags for filtration that are normally washed/cleaned or replaced. But the biggest drawback with these conventional vacuums is they are not very effective if you are allergic to dust. 

So, the best vacuums for allergy sufferers are the ones featuring HEPA filters. These are best if you have severe health conditions like asthma or other respiratory issues. They can trap a minimum of 99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. The best part is that these high-efficiency filters are very easy to clean and maintain. 

2. Beater Brushes

Beater Brush Smart Features of a Vacuum

Beater Bar Vs. No Beater Bar Vacuums is a topic of debate for many Indian customers. Even there is a lot of confusion in deciding which one to choose- the vacuum with a beater bar or the one without it? Well, the answer depends on your cleaning needs. 

Having a beater bar/brush roll in a vacuum is the best way to clean your carpets and rugs. Though all vacuums don’t have this feature, these are specially meant for scrubbing your carpet and removing more dirt and dander from them. So, if you have a house with a lot of carpeted areas or flooring, it is highly recommended to buy a vacuum featuring a beater bar.

Since a brush roll is great for vacuuming carpet, it is not recommended for vacuuming hardwood floors like tile, stone, vinyl, etc., to avoid scratching or damaging them. 

In such a case, it is best to go for the vacuums that come with the Beater Bar On/Off Switch. You can find this feature in most of the best upright vacuum cleaners. It allows you to use the feature according to the surface you want to clean.

3. Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment Feature

Height adjustment is also the most important and smart feature of a vacuum if cleaning carpets is your preference. While using a vacuum, you can’t use the same height for different types of surfaces. To get the best cleaning results for the surfaces, including hardwood floors, rugs, and carpets, you may require a vacuum that is equipped with variable height adjustment. 

The feature is used to adjust the height of the vacuum’s brush roll in relation to the carpet. It ensures that the machine is standing at a suitable height according to the carpet for easy gliding over the surface and effective cleaning. Setting the height is too easy as it comes with a switch for height setting for both hard floors and carpets. Just choose the desired one, and you are good to go.

4. Retractable Cord

Retractable Cord

One of the worst things while vacuuming is tackling the messy cords. It is quite very frustrating for most of us to roll the cord neatly, especially if it is too lengthy. In this case, the vacuums with a retractable cord feature is a life savior. It allows you to rewind the cord automatically using a simple push of the button. The feature is mostly found in the best canister vacuum cleaners.

5. Full Container Indicator

Dust Full Indicator

The vacuum will lose its performance if the dust bag or dirt container is full and you are still vacuuming without emptying it. The feature warns you that the dirt canister or bag is full of dirt. So, the one with a full container indicator takes the guesswork away and lets you know when to empty the container or replace the dirt bag. Even some bagless vacuums come with a transparent dirt cup to notify you that it is full, and you need to empty it to enjoy the interruption-free performance from your vacuum. 

6. Wet and Dry Vacuuming Capability

Wet and Dry Vacuuming Capability

Dealing with kids or pet urine and other wet stuff is quite difficult, so why don’t you choose the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner? It can clean both dry and wet messes with ease. They come with a waterproof collector allowing them to trap water and other liquid spills without damaging the machine. In fact, they have two bucket systems- one to store the solid mess and the other to store liquid mess separately. 

7. Headlamp


Though this feature is not available in all vacuum cleaners, you can find it in the latest upright vacuum models. It is a great addition to increase visibility while cleaning the darkest areas like underneath furniture or other places with no or dim light. 

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