10 Must Have Home Cleaning Essentials

Who doesn’t want clean space everywhere in the house? Obviously everybody!! And many of us are seeking easy and effortless ways to keep home and workplace tidy. Thorough cleaning is definitely an impossible job every day, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Fortunately, with the advancement in the cleaning industry, we now have many smart cleaning essentials for definite tasks.

But the most important question is- “What is included in your Cleaning Kit?” Is there anything missing from your kit? If yes, then read this article and discover some of the essential cleaning items you’ll need to clean your home.

However, a single cleaning tool certainly does not meet all cleaning needs. That’s why we have shortlisted 10 Must Have Home Cleaning Essentials to tackle the tough cleaning tasks. Once you practice cleaning every corner at a time with such smart tools, you will never need to tire yourself on restful Sunday to clean up messes and get things in order.

Let’s know more about the selected cleaning essentials and their utilities.

1. Vacuum Cleaners – Best Home Cleaning Essential

Vacuuming is the best way for tidying your space as it can effortlessly remove dust and dirt from the surfaces over the years and keep your home clean and hygienic. It is undoubtedly a must-have deep cleaning tool to ease your cleaning task, especially if you have carpeted floors.

With smart and advanced accessories and more smart features, vacuum cleaners can do cleaning almost anywhere and take less cleaning time.

There are a variety of vacuum cleaners to choose from. For example, you can go with a cordless vacuum cleaner that lets you reach crammed areas with ease.

Besides this, upright vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuum cleaners are also great alternatives for cleaning. These have smart attachments and an onboard crevice tool to make hard-to-reach places more accessible.

If you are living in a big house, go for wet and dry vacuum cleaners. It is ideal for both cleaning wet and dry surfaces. More to the point, you need not pay for two separate cleaners for different cleaning tasks. It can work both for dry and wet surfaces. However, a dry and wet vacuum cleaner is a versatile and durable appliance but a bit heavy.

Last but not least, a robot vacuum cleaner is a fantastic choice for home cleaning that will not take up extra space in your home. These are the trendiest choices for home cleaning. All you need to program the device, and it will do the rest. It comes with excellent features and dual functionality, i.e., vacuum and mop combination together.

Well!!! A vacuum cleaner is a must-have cleaning essential to ease your extra effort.

2. Broom

The second basic home cleaning essential in our list is “Broom,” which is the most loved choice in every home from olden years. There are many different types of brooms available, but you need to know which one will suit your cleaning needs.   When dealing with dirt, dust, pet hair or furs, or anything on floors, a broom and dustpan will surprisingly work. You can choose a small handheld broom for tight spaces, but it requires a bit more manual effort.

However, electric brooms are very trendy these days to lessen manual effort to some extent. Likewise, vacuum cleaners, electric brooms offer great suction and effective filtration to resist dust particles. 

Comparably larger vacuums, these electric sweepers usually have a less powerful motor and smaller dirt collection capacity. But you don’t have to lean down all the time to drain the container as in a vacuum cleaner.

3. Floor Cleaning Mops

Mops are the best buddy for home cleaning. Gone are those days when people used to clean floors by traditional sitting method, which gives back or knee pain in the long run. Plus, it also makes your hand dirty by squeezing the mop. 

You may find a variety of mops out there in the market, and for hassle-free clean-up, you should have one to add to your cleaning kit essentials. So let’s come to know about different ultra-modern floor cleaning mops:

I. Flat Mop

Best Home Cleaning Essential Flat Mop

A flat mop is one of the best home cleaning solutions to clean house floors at ease. A flat mop lets you wipe the floors whether it is dry or wet. These are flat and long by design, along with a rectangular head that includes disposable or reusable mop pads. 

You can purchase mop pads or simply DIY to make your own for better cleaning. To prevent mop pads from bad odor or mold-free, it is suggested to clean and dry the mops after each use.

II. Dust Mops

Dust Mop

These are just dry mops used for dusting or collecting other waste from the floor before wet mopping. By means of its long handle and soft quills, it lets you reach corners and edges, walls, ceilings, dusty fans, T-lights, etc. 

For dry dirt cleaning, dust mops are the best choice. There is nothing wrong with replacing old hand cleaning wipes or dusters or regular brooms with this dust mop.

III. String Mops

String Mop

String mops are usual mops with looped cotton strings with exceptional absorbent capacity that cleanse the floor spotlessly. In addition, it has an elongated handle so that you don’t need to bend down towards the floor. 

But cleaning and washing these string mops are a pain. It requires manual effort. However, these are not costly and perform very well in cleaning floors.

IV. Strip Mops

Strip Mop

Just like string mops, it comprises an elongated handle with super-absorbent cloth strips. They are usually long loops or rags that make it very convenient and trouble-free to maintain. Most of the strip mops have detachable mop heads so that you can clean them separately in the washing machine or soapy solution for further use.

V. Sponge Mops

Sponge Mop

Sponge mops are a far better choice if you have tiled floors or hardwood floorings. These comprise user-friendly swivel action with a high-absorbance sponge and fast-drying features. 

The sponge is made of cellulose that soaks up more water off the floor with hardly a single mopping, and accordingly, floors get dry faster. In addition, the front scrubber effectively removes the water stains, oil stains and abrasion marks. The best things are its removable head feature that lets you an easy replacement when needed.

VI. Spin Mop

Spin Mop

A spin mop is based on a spin mechanism but does the same basic function as regular mops. As a result, it works well on both dry and wet surfaces. With its well-turned-out spin mechanism, you can do hassle-free cleaning on both dry and wet floors.

Spin mops effectively lessens manual effort. It has an extended rod along with a string head that spins to rub out dirty spots and stains. It comprises a bucket that has two chambers. One is for clean water or soapy solution, and another attached spin basket to squeeze the mop head. It can also bend down to reach the corners of the floor.

Check here for The Best Spin Mops

VII. Steam Mops

Steam Mop

Can mops thoroughly disinfect the floor? Yes!!! Steam mops do!! The best steam mops are highly advanced floor cleaning mops that work on electricity. Once plugged on, it heats the water that ultimately turns out into steam. 

Steam mopping not only makes the floor spotless but also makes it germ-free. You can change the steam setting as per your cleaning needs. To get all these hi-tech features, you need to pay extra as these are costly comparably to other mops.

4. Scrub Brush

A scrub brush always works to clean tough stains. An all-purpose scrub brush is helpful to clean dirty tile, fixtures, walls, bathtubs, and sink. You can buy a scrub brush with a grip handle that makes it more helpful in cleaning as it is easier to rub and cleanse. You can also utilize an old dish scrub that you have not used to wash dishes anymore.

5. A Squeegee

A squeegee is a flat rubber-blade instrument used to remove the shower stains on the walls or the light rainfall on the window. It is also beneficial to wipe the water on a flat surface. 

Several models comprise suction attachments that let you use them as needed by connecting them right to the wall. By having this tool in your cleaning kit, you can keep the tiles mold-and mildew-free and spray-stain-free.

6. Microfiber Cloth / Hand Duster

Microfibre cloths are another must have product in your Cleaning kit essentials. This hand duster can make cleaning a breeze without leaving behind scratches, whether you are using it on glass, furniture surfaces, or stainless steel appliances. 

These are soft and gentle enough to dirt-free all surfaces. Some of them have antimicrobial benefits too, which is really good to buy for thorough cleaning.

7. Lint Roller

Lint roller works amazingly if you have to clean furry surfaces. You can utilize it all along the soft surfaces like carpets, rugs, sofas, and chairs to remove visible dirt. Additionally, a lint roller helps better if you have pets at your home.

Furthermore, you can try them to clean dust over lamp shades or glass fixtures. It makes the lighting clear and bright.

8. Toothbrush

When it comes to clean gaps or tapered surfaces, sometimes each smart cleaning tool fails to give satisfactory results. So now, toothbrushes are secret tools to clean tapered drains, sink corners, toilet seat hinges, and many more places.

A used toothbrush will become useful. So, next time before dumping it into the dustbin, add it into your cleaning kit. This will really help!!!

9. Bottle Brush

Who likes to drink water with an unpleasant odor? Definitely no one…If the water bottle is not washed properly, germs and microbes breed into the bottle. And it is unsafe to drink as well. 

A bottle brush is a must-have tool for cleaning all types of bottles, whether it is a feeding bottle or a regular water bottle. Usually, it comprises a sponge head in the top and strong plastic bristles that make it easy to clean inside the bottle.

10. Cleaning Clothes and Wipes

It is always ideal to have a few basic cleaning clothes such as a white towel, sponge wipes, and duster in your kit. These could be multipurpose for wiping kitchen tops, electrical appliances, bathroom cabinets, bathroom sink, bathtub’s outer surface, etc. You can use disinfectants or multipurpose cleaner with these cleaning cloths to make things hygienic and sparkling. But it requires regular cleaning to avoid spreading germs and microbes.

Other Best Cleaning Options

The above mentioned ten basic home cleaning essentials are good enough to fulfill all cleaning needs. Here is little other essential cleaning stuff for specific tasks to clean kitchen, bathroom, and varied purposes.

  • Hand towels, dish soap, sponge brush, oven cleaners, steel or plastic scrubbing pad, surface cleaner, etc., are useful for the kitchen.
  • Toilet cleaning brush, bleach, stain remover, acid or all-purpose cleaner, old toothbrush, and grout brush are must-have weapons to deep clean toilets and the bathroom.  
  • If you have pets, paw wipes, lint roller, feather duster, and urine neutralizer become very useful. 
  • Additionally, you can add adhesive remover, spray bottle, glass cleaner, extendable duster, paper towels, etc., to your kit to make it perfect for cleaning.

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