Different Types of Brooms for Different Cleaning Needs

There is no denying that brooms have been the most important cleaning essentials of your daily cleaning routine for centuries. They perfectly sweep the dust, dirt, and pet hair from the hard floors. But hold, are you thinking about that old-fashioned broom that features dried twigs nested and tied around a stick? 

Nowadays, you will find various innovative and different types of brooms. They differ in their shape, size, design, and bristle materials and serve different cleaning needs. 

A good broom is undoubtedly an essential tool for your household, but how would you know which type of broom is right for you? Therefore, we’ve gathered here the information on the different types of brooms available now so that you can easily distinguish between them and discover which one is best for your cleaning needs. 

Different Types of Brooms

Soft Grass Brooms

Soft Grass Broom

These are the traditional broom types that are generally used in almost every Indian home. The construction includes soft grass bristles accompanied by plastic or steel pipe handles. Being light in weight, they are easy to use and sweep the floor perfectly to remove even fine dust and hair. They are also flexible enough to reach tight corners and spaces. Best of all, they are very affordable.

Hard Brooms

Coconut Broom

These brooms are also known as coconut brooms. They have stiffer bristles made of coconut tree leaf, making them ideal for cleaning dirt from surfaces with cracks and crevices. These brooms are perfect for cleaning the rough ground and stiff sweeping jobs like garden leaves, cleaning between stones, etc. The best part is that you can clean both dry and wet surfaces with these hard brooms. Another advantage is that it can clean larger areas very quickly. 

Standard Brooms

Standard Broom

Standard brooms are the most common types of brooms and work well for small indoor spaces. It includes a long handle with a brush head size of approximately 12 inches. Their bristles are made from various materials like natural fibers, rubber, or plastic. What makes them best is their ability to easily grab the dust and dirt particles around your house floors. 

Push Brooms

Push Broom

A push broom is named so because of the way it is used. It includes a long handle and a large heavy-duty brush head. What makes them different over the standard brooms is actually the size of the brush head that goes along 24 inches or more. The wide brush of this broom allows you to remove quite a large amount of debris from the floor in a short amount of time. 

The push broom also includes the stiff bristles that make it good for tackling heavy debris like loose rocks and sand, soil, or a light layer of snow. These brooms are an ideal choice for cleaning after renovation, garage floors, supermarkets, etc. 

Angle Brooms

Angled Broom

The angle brooms are the modified version of standard brooms. Instead of having straight bristles, they have angled bristles that are longer on one side and shorter on the other side. The angled bristles make it possible to sweep dust and dirt away from corners or tight spaces where a regular broom cannot reach. The bristles of angle brooms are made up of plastic materials that are very durable.

Hand Broom

Hand Brooms

If you need to clean or pick up waste from a smaller area, then hand brooms are the best option. It is best for spot cleaning and quick clean-ups. They have short handles, so you don’t use them in an upright position. 

The hand brooms generally work best in conjunction with a dustpan (like broom and dustpan sets), so you can easily collect the debris into the dustpan and dispose of them easily. They have plastic handles with soft bristles having the length varying between 3-inches to 5-inches. 

Rubber Broom

Rubber Broom

Rubber brooms are gaining much more popularity these days due to their smart cleaning efficacy. The design includes a heavy-duty synthetic rubber head with hundreds of tiny “bristles” and a squeegee blade accompanied by an adjustable telescopic handle. The rubber brooms are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cleaning as well as to clean both dry and liquid spills. 

Another best part of the rubber broom is that it works well on all types of surfaces ranging from hardwood floors, carpets, and rugs to backyard lawns. 

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cleaning; it works well on all surfaces, including carpets and leather furniture. In addition, the squeegee blade is capable of drying the floor after mopping or wet spills. 

Spinning Broom

Spinning Broom

Spinning brooms are the most innovative types of brooms and are also known as rotating sweepers or automatic sweepers. It comes with two spinning brushes on the sides and a central brush to collect dust, dirt, and hair and push them into an integrated dustpan. The best spinning brooms also come with a telescopic handle allowing you to use it over different surfaces without bending over. The handle folds easily, allowing you to easily clean under furniture. The side bristles extend the reach of the sweeper to clean edges and corners. 

Electric Brooms

Electric Broom

Electric brooms are a rage nowadays that look like a stick vacuum and work on batteries. But they don’t rely on suction; instead, they come with the brush roll that rotates to collect dust, debris, and pet hair and dump them into the in-built dirt cup. The electric brooms can be used on multiple surfaces but work best on hardwood floors like wood and tile. 

Broom Handle Construction Material


Plastic Handle

Plastic handles are very common that you can find in traditional soft grass brooms or upright brooms. These are the lightest handles and allow you to sweep easily without stressing your arms. Plus, they are less expensive.


Wooden Handle

Wooden handles are commonly found in traditional brooms, push brooms, and standard brooms. What makes them best is their sturdiness and durability for long-lasting performance. Wooden handles are also ergonomically designed that are comfortable to hold. 


Metal Handle

Metal handles include stainless steel or aluminum construction that are pretty durable and sturdy. The metal handles are commonly found in soft grass brooms, push brooms, rubber brooms, etc. They are securely attached to the broom heads so that you can use them comfortably while sweeping. 

Broom Bristle Materials


Corn Bristles

Corn is one of the most popular broom bristle types and is relatively less expensive. Corn bristles are made from natural corn fiber and are suitable for dry sweeping only. These straight bristles are best for trapping the smallest dust and dirt particles, therefore an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.


Polypropylene Bristles

Polypropylene fiber bristles are smooth and soft with split-tip, therefore the best broom bristles for a fine sweeping job. The best part is that they can withstand high temperatures, even up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore, if you live in an area with high temperatures, these are the ideal ones. Make sure to use them on smooth surfaces only due to their soft texture.

Tampico Fiber

Tampico Fiber Bristles

Tampico fiber bristles have a medium-rough texture that makes them a great choice to clean semi-smooth surfaces. The best thing about these bristles is that they are chemical and heat-resistant, making them ideal for sweeping brooms.


Horsehair Bristles

Horsehair bristles are very soft; therefore, they are generally used in combination with other stiff bristles for best cleaning results. These are best to sweep tiles, hardwood floors, and other surfaces with ease. In addition, the soft texture ensures no scratches or damage to the flooring while cleaning.


Palmyra Bristles

Palmyra is a natural fiber obtained from palm trees natively growing in India. These bristles are tough and stiff; therefore, they work best on sweeping tough dirt and debris. You can use them to sweep fallen leaves, stones, gravels, and large pieces of dirt (Basically for outdoor use). All in all, the palmyra bristles are good for rough cleaning.


PVC Bristles

PVC fiber bristles are resistant to chemicals, acids, and oils; therefore, another best option for outdoor cleaning. In addition, they are extremely durable and offer you a thorough cleaning experience. 

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