The Best Spin Broom Floor Sweepers for Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning (2023)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve spent a long time researching and debating which type of broom to buy. The latest spin broom is the answer: non-electric, eco-friendly, and a great magic cleaning tool. 

Spinning brooms are also known as rotating sweeper or hand push sweeper that needs no electricity and battery to operate; else come with the spinning rotating brushes to clean up dirt, cereal, pet hair, and more. 

So, if you want an energy-saving sweeping option over the electric brooms, the spinning brooms are the most ideal choice. It also replaces your old broom and dustpan and even the heavy vacuum cleaners because of its ease of usage and quick clean-up functionality.

But what else makes it different from the tech-advanced cleaning tools (electric brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc.), and why you need to opt for the one? Here are the reasons:

  • They are light in weight and very easy to use, which takes the burden of cleaning your floors off your shoulders.
  • No scuffing or scratching on the floor due to soft rotating brushes.
  • Fold-flat handle to clean easily under furniture and other inaccessible places. 
  • No need for batteries, electric outlet, cord, or bag.
  • They are environment-friendly and a very affordable cleaning tool.

So, let’s talk about some of the best spin brooms available online with their reviews, so you can get the best one for your floor cleaning needs.

1. Karcher S 4 Twin Push Sweeper 

(Overall Best)

Karcher S4 Best Spin Broom


  • Dimension and Weight: 30 x 26.3 x 37 inches; 22.5 Pounds
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel

This twin push sweeper from Karches comes to the top of our list for its outstanding performance and excellent build quality. The model is the best choice for cleaning large indoor areas with smooth surfaces as well as outdoor hard flooring. 

This spin broom is designed to speed up the sweeping process and reduce the extra effort. You can surely go for it if you own a large home and to clean out your patios, driveways, garden, etc., using a single cleaning device. 

Key Features

  • Its attractive appearance in yellow and black color combination is the most notable feature of this manual push sweeper.
  • Next is its outstanding design with extremely durable and sturdy construction that offers a high level of quality satisfaction.
  • Setting up the device is also very simple as you need to attach only the handles and the side sweeper.
  • The unit is powered by your own pushing force that allows the powerful roller brush and two front spinning brushes to collect dirt and debris directly down to the dirt collection bin. 
  • The side brushes also feature long bristles that ensure thorough cleaning around the edges, corners, and crevices.
  • The smooth rear wheels equipped with it ensure easy gliding on almost any type of surface.
  • This sweeper covers an area up to 2400 m² per hour, thanks to its 680 mm total sweep width.
  • With its long push handle that attaches to a pivot, the device can be optimally adjusted to the height of the respective user. Thus, you can get back-friendly sweeping. Another plus is that you can easily fold it down for either standing storage or hanging it on a wall. 


  • High cleaning performance
  • Good for cleaning large areas
  • Quiet, convenient, and dust-free sweeping
  • Collapsible design for space-saving storage


  • Not work best on uneven surfaces
  • Doesn’t suitable for tight spaces
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2. Eyliden Hand Push Automatic Compact Broom

(Best Spin Broom for Apartments and Dorm Rooms)

Eyliden Spin Broom


  • Dimension and Weight: 9 x 6.3 x 2.4 inches; 1.94 Pounds
  • Color: Red and Black 
  • Material: ABS plastic and stainless steel

The next best spin broom comes from the house of Eyliden that is a well-known brand for professional cleaning supplies. The model is your perfect mate for quick and efficient cleaning of daily dirt, small spills, pet hair, etc., from different surfaces. Even more, it is easy to use due to its lightweight design, and since no electricity and battery are required for its operation, it is an energy-saving unit. 

Key Features

  • This manual push sweeper follows a back and forth pushing mechanism to pick up dirt and debris from the surfaces. 
  • Featuring dual rotating brush rolls, it can effectively pick up any kind of debris, whether large or small (waste paper, pet hair, nutshell, etc.)
  • Its lightweight design allows easy usage of the product for a longer duration without straining your arms. Plus, the compact footprint ensures easy storage as well.
  • It comes with a large capacity trash box of 300 ml, so you don’t need to clean the dirt compartment so often. Moreover, the easy to empty trash bin with just a snap is another big benefit.
  • The sweeper is equipped with four rotating wheels at the base that allows free sliding over the surfaces. It also features 180-degree free rotation for an effortless cleaning experience. 
  • It comes with a telescopic handle that is easily adjustable to different heights suiting every user requirement. 
  • This spinning sweeper works well and safely on multiple surfaces, including rugs, carpets, and hard floors.
  • Another best feature is its noiseless operation for a quick and quiet clean-up.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to push and use
  • Space-saving storage


  • Not ideal for picking up large hair
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3. BESTOMZ 3 in 1 Spin Broom

(Most Stylish Hand Push Sweeper)

Bestomz Spin Broom


  • Dimension and Weight: 44.09 x 15.35 x 7.48 inches; 1.68 Pounds
  • Color: Blue and Black
  • Material: ABS Plastic and stainless steel

If style and elegance is your preference along with the functionality, this model from the brand Bestomz is good to go with. It looks cool in a blue and black color combination. What’s more, is its sturdy construction that makes it durable and ensures long-lasting performance. Plus, the ease of cleaning it offers with superior cleaning efficiency makes it an ultimate purchase in every manner.

Key Features

  • Featuring dual rotating brushes at the sides, it can effectively pick up dirt and debris, cereal, pet hair, and more.
  • The rotating brushes rotate 360 degrees for the perfect clean-up at every nook and corner.
  • It comes with an adjustable stainless steel handle, so you can use it according to your convenience without bending down. 
  • The pivoting handle easily folds down to clean under furniture and other tight spaces. 
  • The device is very easy to operate, you just need to push it slightly, and it can sweep all the dust, hair, and litter away.
  • All the debris grabbed by it automatically goes into the in-built dustpan, and this one-touch bin empties in seconds without making your hand messy.


  • Best to use on all kinds of floor including PVC, tiler, marble, wooden, cement, etc.
  • Nice build quality
  • Easy and convenient cleaning
  • Cleans both wet and dry messes


  • No such
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4. Green Spiral Sweep Push Broom

(Best Budget Pick)

Green Spiral Hand Push Broom


  • Dimension and Weight: 15 x 8.9 x 4.4 inches; 2.2 Pounds
  • Color: Green
  • Material: ABS Plastic and stainless steel

This multipurpose spinning floor sweeper is perfect for those looking for a quality unit at an affordable price. What’s more, is it’s easy to use design that offers an incredible cleaning performance without any hassle. 

Key Features

  • This hand-push broom is perfectly ideal for any type of floor, including hardwood, cement, tiles, vinyl, etc.
  • There are two circular corner brushes that maximize the dirt pick-up along baseboards and other hardly accessible areas. 
  • A twisted bristle brush is also there that extends across the wide cleaning path for superior pick-up of fine particles.
  • This hand-push broom has an adjustable handle that can be adapted to suit the height needs of different users. 
  • The handle has a pivoting joint that folds down easily for reaching under furniture and other tight spots. Plus, the 360-degree free movement of it allows perfect clean-up all around the space.


  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Quick sweeping
  • Nice cleaning performance at a budget-friendly price tag


  • Not ideal for carpeted areas
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5. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet Floor Sweeper

(Best High-Quality Floor Sweeper)

Bissel Hand Push Sweeper


  • Dimension and Weight: 9.5 x 10.5 x 43.25 inches; 3.3 pounds
  • Color: Steel Grey
  • Material: Stainless Steel

When it comes to quality, Bissell products never let you down. So, we have another best spin broom from the house of Bissel that is a perfect combination of quality, performance, best functionality, and rich features. 

Key Features

  • It has dual rotating brushes that make the sweeper move in opposite directions and lift dirt both forward and backward. 
  • The biggest plus of these two rotating brushes is that they can perfectly scoop up all types of dirt and debris, food, crumbs, and even pet hair without making a loud sound. 
  • In addition, the model is equipped with small brushes on the two corners of the foot, which can pick up dirt and debris along the edges and corners. 
  • It needs no electricity or battery to operate; else use manual pull and push in forward and return motion to clean up the surfaces. 
  • The best part is its super lightweight construction that makes it easy to maneuver.
  • The model also glides smoothly over different types of surfaces, from rugs and carpets to hardwood floors, making cleaning super easy everywhere.
  • Its construction includes 100% recycled and PVC-free plastic parts that make it an environmentally-friendly product. Plus, no electricity and no battery operation add to its eco-friendliness. 


  • Wide cleaning path
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Perfect for quick and noise-free cleaning
  • Easy to empty dirt compartment


  • Not ideal for high-pile carpets
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