Vacuum Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much power should a good vacuum cleaner have?

A vacuum cleaner with a high capacity motor ranging from 1300 to 1800 W is considered a powerful and good vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs. 

What is considered a strong suction vacuum?

The vacuums featuring strong motors offer high suction force. Generally, you may consider the machines with motor power of 1000 W or more as a strong suction vacuum. 

What capacity is best for a home vacuum cleaner?

Here, the capacity refers to how much dirt can be collected in the dust bag. Choosing the best capacity in your vacuum depends on your cleaning routine, how much area you are cleaning, and which type of vacuum you are using. Well, for home use, the best capacity in a vacuum cleaner to consider is from 2 L to 10 L. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners have smaller bin capacities, while the dust collection capacity of canister vacuums is higher. Even the wet and dry vacuum cleaners have larger and separate dirt compartments to store wet and dry waste separately. 

Is a vacuum cleaner better than a broom?

Yes, a vacuum cleaner is far better than a normal broom if you want cleaning versatility and efficiency. You can clean multiple floor types, both carpet and hardwood floors, curtains, mattresses, sofas, and couches, etc., using a vacuum cleaner. They are also capable of removing deeply embedded dirt and dust, human and pet hair, cobwebs from ceilings, and so on (with a lot of useful attachments) that a normal broom can’t do. 

But a broom works better for your daily sweeping needs and is very lighter to use without any need of electricity. Moreover, they are very affordable.

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How to replace a vacuum cleaner brush?

The roller brush on a vacuum cleaner easily slides out of the machine making it more convenient to replace. Since the one end of the brush slides out, you just need to pull the other end of the brush from its holding belt in order to remove the brush completely from the machine. In the same way, you can replace it with a newer roller brush by pushing it towards the holding belt.

What precautions should you take when vacuuming?

The proper use of vacuum cleaners with all the safety precautions make vacuuming easier and a whole lot safer. You must follow the below cautions while operating a vacuum:

  • Unplug the vacuum from the power outlet when not in use.
  • Never vacuum a wet surface until and unless you are using a good wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Using a dry only vacuum on a wet surface may cause damage to the motor and put the user at risk for electrical shock. 
  • Never pull a vacuum cleaner by its cord. Also, keep away the cord of the vacuum from sharp edges and corners.
  • Do not vacuum the sharp objects as well as toxic and flammable materials from your vacuum.

How to reduce the noise level of vacuum cleaners?

Your vacuum cleaner makes noise for a variety of reasons: You can follow the below tips to avoid noise from the machine:

  • Full dirt canisters or dust bags may cause noise in your vacuum. Emptying it will solve the issue.
  • Filters that are dirty can also contribute to a noisy vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your filters on a regular basis and replacing it when needed will help your vacuum work quieter.
  • Sometimes the damaged or broken belt may also be the reason for noise in your vacuum. Consider replacing it if so.
  • Another reason for a vacuum to suddenly become louder is when it is clogged with toys, coins, pet hair, and other items. Make sure not to vacuum such objects to avoid noise from the machine. 

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How to change the paper bag of a bagged vacuum cleaner?

Follow the given steps to change the paper bag of a bagged vacuum cleaner.

  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner.
  • Press the button to open the bag compartment.
  • Remove the paper bag very carefully.
  • Insert a new bag and close the compartment. 

Do vacuum cleaners heat and spark with excessive use?

Any electrical appliance can catch fire due to excessive use or overheating, and vacuum cleaners are no exception. Reasons of fire hazards to a vacuum may be overheating, clogging, or incorrect use of filters. However, if the appliance is used within the manufacturer’s recommendation, it is absolutely safe to use. 

Why does the vacuum cleaner smell?

Vacuum cleaners can smell for a number of reasons. If you vacuum the odorous contents like pet waste or urine, pet hair, dried food, etc., it may cause mold and bacteria build up inside the dust bag or filter. And so, when you use your vacuum, this odor escapes into the air, causing a bad smell. 

Even sometimes, the roller head or beater brush becomes stuck, due to which the friction can burn the vacuum belt, causing an unpleasant smell from your vacuum. 

Why does a vacuum cleaner lose suction?

There are various reasons for the lack of suction in your vacuum. It may be due to the full dust bag, blocked air filter, brush roll, and hose, and sometimes the faulty dust cup assembly.

Why does a vacuum cleaner have a burning smell? 

The burning smell from vacuums is caused by the following reasons:

  • A stuck or broken belt is one of the reasons your vacuum cleaner may emit a burning rubber odor.
  • In upright vacuums, if the brush roller is broken in half or not turning will also emit a burning smell. 
  • Sometimes, the vacuum motor runs hot if the filters are blocked or if the vacuum bag is full, causing a burning smell while you operate the vacuum. 

Can you vacuum water with a Vacuum cleaner?

If you are using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it is absolutely safe to vacuum any wet spills or water from the machine without worrying about the damage to the unit.

Are vacuum cleaners bad for the environment?

Yes, vacuum cleaners pose a serious threat to the environment since they have a variety of components that make it hard to dispose of them. 

Millions of vacuum bags, filters, and lithium-ion batteries end up in landfills every year. And this takes hundreds of years to degrade, practically speaking, they are not biodegradable. When these components are burned in landfills, the toxic fumes produced are very harmful to the environment. Even the inefficient vacuum motors also emit large amounts of carbon into the air, which are hazardous to the environment.

Why are vacuum cleaners so loud?

Though a normal noise is common while operating a vacuum, if you feel it is louder, your vacuum has some problems. It may be due to many reasons:

  • If the filters are dirty, it can cause a loud noise in your vacuum.
  • If the vacuum’s brush bearing is broken, it gets loud and starts to vibrate. 
  • Clogging is another reason for your vacuum to operate louder. 
  • Also, if the vacuum’s fan is broken due to the accumulation of lots of dirt and dust or for any other season, you may experience a loud sound in your vacuum. 

Are vacuum cleaners worth buying? 

Yes, vacuum cleaners offer many cleaning benefits that make them worth buying. You don’t need to put extra effort while cleaning different surfaces (hard floors, carpets, upholsteries, mattresses, sofas, couches, etc.) if you are using a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, they are more effective than regular brooms in cleaning pet hair, dirt, and debris.

Are vacuum cleaner bags biodegradable?

Yes, modern vacuum cleaners, unlike traditional ones, are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are made of 100% renewable sources and are compostable, which doesn’t impact the environment. 

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Are vacuum cleaner bags reusable?

The vacuum cleaner bags are typically made of paper, cloth, or synthetic material. The paper bags are not reusable, but the bags made of cotton or non-woven filter bags are washable and reusable multiple times.

Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?

Typically, vacuum cleaners have a longer shelf life of 8-12 years if maintained appropriately. If you face minor issues during this period, it is absolutely fine to repair it without spending much. However, if these issues are frequent and you feel that the repair costs are increasing, it is better to buy a new vacuum than to repair the old one.

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What vacuum cleaners do professionals use?

Professional vacuum cleaners are somewhat different from regular vacuum cleaners you use in your home. They typically have massive dust collecting capacity, wide cleaning paths, lightweight design to be transported easily in different rooms, less energy consumption, efficient filtration system, long cable length, ideal for both wet and dry cleaning, and most importantly, the powerful motor for thorough cleaning. 

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