Vacuum Cleaners with Blower Function – The Benefits and Uses You Must Know

Modern vacuum cleaners come with many more smart features, and the inclusion of blower function is one of the most valuable features amongst them. But how? You might be wondering what a blower function in a vacuum does and how useful it is? Read on to find out.

As you all know, the vacuum cleaner uses the suction method to remove dirt and debris from different surfaces; the blower function in a vacuum instead throws the air outside and forces the dust to move out where the suction doesn’t work. 

Blowers in a vacuum are mostly used for unsettling the deeply embedded dirt from hard-to-reach spots that you can vacuum further for thorough cleaning of that area. Well, you can buy the best air blowers as a separate equipment, but buying them integrated into vacuum cleaners comes with its own benefits and advantages. Here are some of the main advantages of vacuum cleaners with blower function.

Advantages of Vacuum Cleaners with Blower Function

1. Unsettle the Dust From Tough Spots

Vacuum Cleaners with Blower Unsettling Dust

Sometimes, the suction power of a vacuum is not efficient enough to capture dust from unreachable places like corners, windows, underneath the furniture, etc. This is where you can use the blower function of a vacuum to unsettle the toughest dirt from these spots. It is also helpful in cleaning dirt from computer keyboards, CPU cabinets, music systems, televisions, air conditioners, gas stoves, and long-time unused places. 

2. Clear Up Garden Leaves

Blowing Garden Leaves

If you love planting and own a large garden, then leaves on your lawn, balconies, patios, etc., are very common, especially in autumn. Here the blower function comes to be very useful. The blower throws a high-pressure air jet through its nozzles which clears up those leaves and other debris from your lawn, patios, and balconies within a few minutes. 

3. Cleans Wet Debris

Vacuum Cleaners with Blower To Clean Wet Debris

Cleaning a pile of wet leaves, freshly cut grass, or any other wet debris requires a bit of extra effort. But if you use the vacuum’s blower function, it can be done very quickly and efficiently due to the high-pressure jet air from the device.

4. Clean External and Internal Flooring of Garages and Workshops

Blowing Dust from Garages and Workshops

The blower function on a vacuum is ideal for cleaning garage and workshop floors that are subject to heavy dust accumulation. They are highly functional to clean away soil, construction debris, sand, and woodworking environments. 

5. Drying Surfaces Quickly

The blower function in a vacuum facilitates blow-drying of any wet spills from floors, cushions, couches, mattresses, etc. It also facilitates the air-drying after washing or painting, surface treatment, etc. You can even use it to blow dry your car after a wash. 

6. Removing Light Snow From Steps, Car Windows, or Driveways

Vacuum Cleaner with Blower to Remove Snow

If you are living in a cold region where snowfall is very common, the blower function comes in very handy again. It helps in eliminating the light snow from your car, stairs, sidewalks, or driveways with its powerful airflow. 

7. Best For Quick Cleaning Job

Since the vacuum cleaners with blowers have dual functionality of suction and blower in the same unit, you can perform your cleaning tasks faster and quicker. As they are powered with strong motors to deliver powerful suction and airflow, you can clean more competently in no time. This also saves your time and effort.

8. Multipurpose Tool and Cost-effective

No need to purchase a vacuum cleaner or an air blower separately if you get the benefits of both in the same unit. By using a vacuum cleaner with blower function, you can perform multiple cleaning jobs with ease. This also eliminates the need to purchase both devices separately; thus, you can save your hard-earned money. 

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