10 Reasons Why Should You Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners are making a big entrance in today’s consumer landscape. Consumers across the globe are realizing the benefits of having a robot vacuum to clean their homes: the convenience, the ease of use, and most of all, the efficiency. They work and save your precious time. That’s why most of us are replacing traditional vacuums with the new and best hi-tech robot vacuums.

But why should you choose a robot vacuum cleaner? Many people believe the product’s benefits make it worth the price. So, we have compiled here some of the great advantages of using a robot vacuum cleaner that makes it a good investment for your home. 

1. No Manual Labor

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Benefits

Vacuuming your home is a necessary chore for most of us, but it is also a labor-intensive job at times, especially when you are vacuuming an area with a lot of dust and dirt. In such a case, robot vacuum cleaners are the perfect solution. 

Unlike old-school vacuums that require you to push and steer them around the floors, the Roomba vacuums automatically navigate their way around your house, picking up dirt and debris as they go.

These handy machines can vacuum, mop, and sweep (Hybrid Robot Mops) all on their own. Therefore, no more standing, walking and bending over for hours at a time. Just set the robot to work while you take a much-needed nap or while you are away from home.  The feature also makes it an ideal gadget for people with injuries and disabilities. 

These super-smart and sophisticated devices use a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to vacuum your home autonomously. And, even better, they can be configured to do multiple levels of cleaning, from routine to deep, without lifting your finger. 

2. Best for Busy Homeowners

Clean floors should be a daily priority, but that doesn’t mean you must dedicate hours to the chore. Thanks to a new generation of robot vacuums, you can get the job done while balancing other responsibilities. 

With their scheduled timers, they are perfect for getting the house clean while you are at work or out running errands. Additionally, most robot vacuums can be set to clean just the rooms you need or can be scheduled to clean multiple rooms at once. Best of all, the robot vacuums do all the work for you, freeing up time for you and your family members to do other things.

3. Fully Cordless Operation

Cordless vacuums offer the convenience of cleaning without searching for power outlets here and there. And most importantly, you don’t have to deal with the messy cords getting tangled while you clean. 

Robot vacuum cleaners are fully cordless devices that work on batteries. So, there is no need to plug and unplug them for their operation. 

4. Automatically Adjusts to Different Surfaces

Different floor surfaces require different vacuum settings for cleaning. Unlike regular vacuums that need manual adjustments to set the vacuum according to the floor type, robot vacuum adjusts automatically. 

Since it has sensors, it can automatically sense the change in surfaces while cleaning. So, whether it is hardwood floor or carpet, these smart vacuums handle the cleaning job perfectly, suiting the surface type. 

They can also detect the walls and stairs, therefore preventing the unit from any unintentional damage due to bumping.

5. Adjusts Cleaning Settings Automatically

Robot vacuum cleaners are featured with various cleaning settings to remove the dirt and spots accordingly.  For instance, chances of dirt accumulation are high in the high foot traffic areas like entryways, hallways, kitchens, and living rooms, etc. Therefore these areas require some extra effort to clean. 

Thankfully, the robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with in-built sensors that automatically detect high amounts of dirt in a specific area and activate their spot cleaning mode automatically to clean those areas efficiently.  

6. Detects the Preset Boundaries

Robot vacuum cleaners are not suitable for cleaning stairs because they easily fall from them. In addition, there is a high chance of robotic vacuums bumping into the wall, or hitting the furniture, and damaging your expensive decor items. 

There is no need to worry about it all, as you can set the virtual walls to avoid bumping the unit against furniture, walls or falling off the stairs.

Setting a virtual wall will act as a boundary for the unit that it will never cross. If the vacuum detects the wall, any obstacles, or stairs in its way while cleaning, it automatically turns around and changes its cleaning direction. This way, it protects itself and your precious furniture from getting damaged.

7. Robot Vacuums are Best for Cleaning Tight Spots

The circular disk-shaped design of robotic vacuums allow them to fit easily in tight spaces that are typically off-limits to manual vacuum cleaners. Due to their compact shape and size, they can easily clean underneath furniture, around the corners, or other tight spots. 

8. Robot Vacuums Have Self Charging Feature

Some high-end robotic vacuums have self-charging features too; means you don’t have to worry about manual charging. With the self-charging feature, the robovacs return to their docking station after each cleaning session. 

Also, if a robot runs out of power while vacuuming, it will stop its work and go back to its charging station. Once fully charged, it resumes its work automatically from where it had left off. 

9. Smart Home Connectivity

Smart Home WiFi connectivity is the smartest feature of a robotic vacuum. It allows the device owners to control their robot vacuums from a smartphone, tablet, or PC, whether at home or away from home. 

Some systems allow you to schedule your robot vacuum to clean your home at specific times daily or weekly, run multiple cleaning cycles, and see a detailed report of what it has done. 

10. They Work Silently

Robot vacuums are not as loud as regular vacuum cleaners. This is because they don’t have a suction hose, a separate unit for the motor, and various retractable cords. The lack of these parts in a robot vacuum allows them to work silently without disturbing the environment. 

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