Different Types of Pressure Washer Nozzles and Their Applications (An Informative Guide)

A pressure washer nozzle is one of the most important parts of the pressure washing system, as it is responsible for delivering the high-pressure stream of water that does the cleaning. Different types of pressure washer nozzles are designed for a specific purpose and allow you to tailor the pressure washer to your specific needs. Therefore, choosing the right nozzle for the job at hand is important for achieving the desired results.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the different types of pressure washer nozzles and their applications.

Types of Pressure Washer Nozzles

1. Quick Connect Nozzles

Like the name, these nozzles can be quickly connected to the unit for easy usage. Basically, these nozzles can be used for cleaning different types of surfaces at different angles or degrees, and each nozzle has a color code that makes it easy to identify the angle of the spray.  

Let’s talk about each of these color-coded nozzles and their uses.

i. 0-Degree Nozzle (Red-colored Tip)

Red Colored Nozzle

The red color nozzle provides a maximum and powerful water jet spray and covers a tiny area with maximum force.  When using this nozzle, it directs the pressure right at the surface with a zero-degree angle. 

The most important point to note here is that it is not safe for most of the surfaces because of the powerful force of the spray, therefore, used very rarely. Instead, they are used for cleaning hard surfaces like concrete or cement, or other similar surfaces. 

These nozzles are the best options to remove tough stains like glue, oil, tree sap, etc., or other stuck-on dirt from hard surfaces.

Where to Use

  • Especially useful for cleaning high areas like soffits since the extra pressure makes it easier to reach those spots. 
  • Very helpful in removing stubborn stains and debris from concrete and metal.

Uses Not Recommended

  • Do not use this nozzle on soft surfaces like cars, wood, or siding, as the powerful force of the spray can cause damage to these surfaces.
  • Be very careful while using this nozzle as its high force can harm you too.
  • Make sure to keep away children and pets from the area where you are using this. 
  • Avoid using this tip on painted surfaces, as it can easily remove coatings.

ii. 15- Degree Nozzle (Yellow-colored Tip)

Types Of Pressure Washer Nozzles (Yellow Tip)

The 15-degree nozzle in a pressure washer is color coded as yellow and uses a 15-degree spray pattern to do some serious cleaning. Generally, they have less pressure and cover a little wider area than the 0-degree nozzles.

This yellow-colored tip is ideal for removing tough stains, dirt, rust, and paint from any hard surfaces. Since it also delivers a powerful spray, be sure not to use it in one spot for too long since it may cause damage.

Where To Use

  • You can use this nozzle for preparing surfaces for painting and resealing. It can easily peel off old paint from surfaces and eliminate grease and rust.
  • It works well in removing tough stains from PVC fencing.
  • If used at a cautionary distance, this tip is best to remove caked mud from 4X4 vehicles and farm equipment.
  • Best to remove dirt from sidewalks.

Uses Not Recommended

  • Ensure the wand is kept at a sufficient distance to prevent excessive spread across the vinyl when using it on sidings.
  • Never use it on painted wood siding; unless you are preparing it for painting. 

iii. 25-Degree Nozzle (Green-colored Tip)

Green Colored Nozzle

The 25- degree nozzle, also known as the green-colored tip, is the most commonly used nozzle over all households. Its pressure is less and can cover a wider area since its spraying angle is greater than the above two nozzles we have discussed. 

This nozzle is best for sweeping away stubborn and deeply embedded dirt, grime, mud, or leaves from the surfaces. The nozzle’s spray pattern is powerful enough to clean concrete and brick (make sure to keep the nozzle close enough to the surface); and gentle enough to clean wood and sidings if held at a safe distance.

Where to Use

  • It is great for cleaning cars, boats, patio furniture, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • With a wider spray area, it can clean surfaces faster and more quicker.
  • It can easily clean stuck-on mud from car wheels.
  • This tip is good for pre-wash rinse.

Uses Not Recommended

  • Do not use this nozzle too close to any surface.
  • Never use it for washing your entire car to avoid damage.

iv. 40- Degree Nozzle (White-Colored Tip)

White Colored Tip

The 40-degree nozzle comes in a white color code and uses a 40-degree spray pattern to cover the widest area than the other nozzles. It is highly popular for its minimum spraying pattern and is safe to use on fragile surfaces like windows, blinds, and cars. 

Where to Use

  • This nozzle lets you apply a wider spray with less pressure on delicate surfaces without damaging them. 
  • It also works well in rinsing off detergents.
  • Cleans large areas fast.
  • It is best to use on the car’s surface.

Uses Not Recommended

  • Not ideal for cleaning the toughest grimes and stains on harder surfaces.

v. 65-Degree Nozzle (Black-Colored Tip)

Black Colored Tip

The black nozzle sprays water at a wide 65-degree angle with minimal force. It is basically used for applying soap or detergent at low pressure and is also used for low-pressure rinsing. It actually works by decreasing velocity to increase pressure in the hose; which allows it to pull detergent from the tank and emit it onto the surface.

2. Specialty Nozzles

i. Turbo Nozzle

The turbo nozzle combines the force of a 0-degree tip and the spray area of a 25-degree tip. Since it offers both pressure and coverage, the nozzle is best to use for cleaning large areas with a high level of pressure. Thus, you will get the best cleaning results without worrying about any damage.

ii. Adjustable Nozzle

Like the name, these nozzles have all the degrees in one, and you can quickly change over all those nozzle patterns according to your cleaning needs. It means you don’t have to remove the nozzle and swap it with a new one (which is typically time-consuming and interrupts the cleaning process).

Just switch over the required degree and enjoy an uninterrupted cleaning experience in real-time. 

iii. Foam Cannon

The foam cannon nozzles are specially designed for spraying pressure washer detergents into a rich leathery foam. It can effectively remove dirt and grime from the surfaces without any need for scrubbing. The best part is that you can easily adjust the size of the spray pattern and the amount of foam as per your requirement. 

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